aga 05-04-2024, 11:44 AM
Hi there,

thank you very much for the great theme!

I'm currently using CurvesUI for MyBB 1.8.37, and have discovered an issue that prevents users from soft-deleting their own posts which seems to be theme-specific (as in users masked as "registered" can soft-delete using the myBB default theme, meaning that it presumably isn't a permission issue.) I've tried some of the suggested fixes from MyBB (apparently this was an issue in previous releases for forums using custom themes), however they don't seem to work.

Thanks in advance! <3
lovesgigi 03-04-2024, 02:54 AM
I love this theme, but there is two bugs can you fix it? Please check the video link.

1. Posts cannot be deleted after jumping through the Delete menu
video link1

2.Page redirection failed after switching languages
video link2
Toriatama 02-04-2024, 04:39 PM

Just installed your theme and like it. But I got the following errors at the top of forum:

Warning  [2] Undefined variable $avatarep_script - Line: 16 - File: global.php(958) : eval()'d code PHP 8.1.27 (Linux)

Warning  [2] Undefined variable $avatarep_script - Line: 17 - File: global.php(958) : eval()'d code PHP 8.1.27

Any chance to fix this?

Thank you
DonDickers 29-03-2024, 08:53 PM
I just found there is no last post link/icon in thread list. How to add it or link it to the last post date like in modern forum engines? It's available in default theme but can't find template to edit and copy that link to your theme Sad
[Image: lastpost.png]
DonDickers 27-03-2024, 10:41 PM
1.9 v1.2
Very anoing bug in PM template. If you disable "quick reply" for PMs you can't reply to any PM Tongue  Quick reply looks very bad with all those [quote etc] not parsed, so I decided to disable this in hope of regular editor, but there is nothing.

The only way to reply is through dropdown menu (...) and then select reply. This is not an easy way.
DonDickers 26-03-2024, 07:58 PM
Just installed new 1.9 theme. It's good enough and looks like it doesn't need customisation. But there is something "double closed or not closed" in navigation bar:

[Image: top.png]
Matty 24-03-2024, 08:11 PM
Curves UI is a fully-responsive, mobile-ready concept theme based off the handcrafted theme for the release of MyBB 1.9 by Justin Soltesz.

This theme is designed to give users of 1.8 the experience of 1.9 as they wait for plugins and additional themes to be upgraded upon the release of 1.9. This theme is both a tribute to Justin's incredible work, and a means-to-an-end to provide users with a mobile-friendly default alternative theme to the current theme available.

This has been a personal project of mine - with fantastic contributions from my friend effone - whom without his help, passion and dedication, would not have been possible. Credit also goes to Justin's incredible design initiative, planning and build of the 1.9 theme, and we're all eagerly awaiting the final, finished product when this software takes its inevitable step into a Gold release.

The Curves UI GitHub repository is available at - (courtesy of MyBB Group). Please submit a PR if any issues are found, so we can continually update the package so users get the best possible experience from the theme.

Demo is available at:

Download & Previews:

For all support, please visit:
For all bugs/errors, please submit a Pull Request @

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f7777772e6375727665737569...652e706e67]
siyar 20-03-2024, 06:37 PM
I congratulate the designers, they have created a beautiful theme.
But my request is not the Curves UI theme, I really like the theme used by Can you share it?
DonDickers 19-03-2024, 10:51 PM
Hello again, I'm trying to add static banner above forum list (not in header, I don't want to broke the responsive design).

So I copied div from the bottom and set it on top:

<div class="container-md">
<div class="card body bg-white shadow-sm mt-3 border-0">
<div class="card-body border-0 p-2 p-sm-2 p-md-2 p-lg-5 p-xl-5 p-xxl-5 rounded" style="width: 100%)">

<img src="./images/banner.jpg" style="width: 100%; height: 100px" />



Managed to put image into it but it's with big margin. Trying to set that image as background of the div to fullfill the space but I'm lack of css skills. Will be nice to have banner in future release but how to set up now?

Inspired (Dark)

It looks like this, it's sample image so proportion doeasn't fit:
[Image: banner.png]
DonDickers 19-03-2024, 05:54 AM
Inspired (Dark) - Responsive

Great theme, but a bit bugged or with some not mentioned requirements. Everything from the extra features is doubled: avatars, icons and prefixes. I'm using PHP 7.4, not tested with 8 or higher. I have no other plugins, only these from the package.
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