Hovatek   06-02-2024, 03:03 AM
1. Templates:
Search Templates > search_results_posts
Search Templates > search_results_threads

The div tends to float into the footer when there's no pagination:
Possible fix: Change class container-md to container-md mb-5

1. Templates

Search Templates >  search_results_posts_inlinemoderation
Search Templates > search_results_threads_inlinemoderation
Forumdisplay > forumdisplay_inlinemoderation

{$lang->mod_tab} might not display (either because I left out template files or it is missing)

Possible fix

Changed {$lang->mod_tab} to a Text of choice then changed btn btn-multipage class to btn btn-multipage btn-info
Matty   07-02-2024, 09:22 PM
Appreciate the report. I’ll add those fixes to the next release patch.
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